Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coyotes and Dogs Just Don't Mix!

Hold the phone! The celebrity gossip can wait. Well actually this is celebrity gossip but it's serious. Jessica Simpson's dog - Daisy (an acquaintance of mine from my early pregnancy days) has ran off with some coyote! You believe that?! A coyote! Oh the shame! Daisy always had a thing for wild dogs (I'll never forget that Rottweiler in New Orleans (I think his name was Bubba)) but this is taking it too far! Daisy if you're listening - a coyote really!? They're not even dogs. They eat chickens for goodness sakes! I mean I love a good cooked chicken francese (cooked and francese being the operative words there) but we're talking feathers and all! Oh Daisy, what has become of you? Your mama was feeding you steak for dinner. And filet on top of that. Why take the feathered chicken when you can get the filet? That's what I used to tell those old hound dogs but that's another blog all together. But Daisy listen up! I want you to hightail it home. That Wile E Coyote may make you feel like you're two again but so can those pills we used to find on the floor in your mama's bathroom. You know coyotes ain't nothing but trouble. He just wants you for the filet. Besides, I don't even think they speak Dog!

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