Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Glory Express

Apparently someone noticed I didn't bugle anything yesterday, however, I'm thoroughly confused because I only have 1 Follower, and it wasn't the 1 Follower. Does that mean I have other Followers? Followers who are too scared to make a cyber commitment to me? Followers who want all the glory that comes with knowing what's on my mind but don't want anyone to know why they feel such glory? Don't hide me under a bushel, No! I don't wear Nikes. I don't even like Kool-Aid (although I've never had it but that monster pitcher breaking through walls to tell someone Oh Yeah scares the bejeebies out of me). The only Hale-Bopp comets I'm familiar with are the ones I'm dropping at 8 and 4. But Dad picks those up. Really, what I'm trying to stress is, make a COMMITMENT to me and I'll make one to you - by blogging on Fridays. This isn't just some cathartic soundboard for me. I'm doing this for the followers - oh wait I'm sorry - follower. That and, I wanna be freaking famous! I wanna be someone's homepage! I wanna be invited to parties with local TV anchors! So climb aboard and I'll take you to the North Pole quicker than Tom Hanks ever could. This ain't no Amtrak. I'm the Chinese bullet train! I'm not really Chinese though. I think I'm from England. Specifically Slough. I'm not sure though. One of my uncles was doing some genealogy research about it. I'm gonna go eat though. Think about what I said about commitment. I can't remember now. Bugle out!

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