Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Very Special Day!

Faithful followers:

Let's just say it's been awhile. I take some of the blame. I got a new rawhide. It's tough. A good tough though. More like a delicious tough, but tough nonetheless. I've been out of the rawhide scene for awhile so getting back in has been like easing into a peanut butter bath - slow at first and slow later too but euphoric overload in the end. That and you get real thirsty. So I've been peeing alot too. So with eating the rawhide and then drinking water and peeing I haven't had much time to blog. Not to say this is any reflection upon my followers. I just knew ya'll would understand. And if you don't then get a rawhide or take a peanut butter bath and you will. Today though is a very important day. Yes, it is the day that I'm blogging after not blogging for a week but more than that (a little more ;)) is that it's my Mama's birthday. So happy birthday Mama! And in honor of your birthday I will not use any profanity in this blog. That's how much I love you. The Navy really did a number on me. Blog you soon!

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