Monday, August 30, 2010

Bringing Biting Back!

I recently discovered the power of biting. The power in biting. Into legs specifically. Human and cat alike. I don't discriminate. For so long I've been ashamed of my teeth. I got tarter problems. It wasn't until I bit somebody (sorry Gramps)(and Donny)(and Willow)(and George)(and Bailey) that I realized that my teeth wielded a power that if Saruman got a hold of, he'd be telling Sauron, "B&$Ch please!" Thankfully, that's fiction. But my canines are the TRUTH yo! And ya'll can't handle the Truth! Better yet, the TROOTH!! Holla! What! Unless you have tough skin. Walruses have tough skin I hear. But even then, the Trooth still hurts. Just ask Gramps. He's a cool dude and everything but you mess with the Trooth and you're gonna get bit.

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